Visiting Montpellier, France
France National Tourist Office
Embassy of the United States in France
U.S. Consular Information Sheet for France
City of Montpellier Online (in French)
Montpellier for Visitors
Timeout Guide to Montpellier
Frommers Guide to Montpellier

Official City of Montpellier Hotel Index with Online Booking
Discount Hotels in Montpellier
Holiday City Europe Hotel Listing for Montpellier

Official City Info. on Cultural Hertiage
Official City Info. on Museums
National Orchestra of Montpellier (in French)
Th√ɬ©√ɬĘtre des Treizes Vents Theater (in French)
La Cicrane Café Theater (in French)

Official City Cultural Events Directory
Official City Festivals Calendar
Cinema in Montpellier

American Library of Montpellier
Bibliothéque Interuniversitaire de Montpellier (in French)


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Also see the Montpellier Culture Kit for general information

Local Public Transit in Montpellier (in French)
Montpellier Airport

Map24 Route Planner
City Map of Montpellier
Map of Montpellier Area by Encarta

Midi Libre Newspaper

Official City Guide to Local Cuisine and Wine
Official City Restaurant Guide
Vegetarian Restaurant Listing
Frommers Montpellier Restaurant Listing

Official City Info. on Sports

Universite Montpellier I
Universite Montpellier II Science and Technology
Universite Montpellier III Language, Arts, Social Sciences

The Weather Channel Montpellier Forecast




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