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Our Mission

Promote peace through the respect we show, understanding we foster and cooperation we seek with our Sister Cities around the world - one individual, one community at a time.


Sister Cities of Louisville strives to foster a continuing reciprocal relationship between the people of Louisville and our Sister Cities. To that end, SCL promotes, fosters, and publicizes local, state, and national programs of international municipal cooperation. Likewise, SCL encourages other organizations to engage and participate in such programs, and to promote friendly relations and mutual understanding.


SCL is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to global friendship, multicultural understanding, and economic growth by developing lasting relationships between the Louisville area and Sister Cities around the world. For over forty years, SCL has been highly recognized in the community as an international citizen diplomacy network. At Sister Cities of Louisville, we believe in establishing people-to-people connections with our citizens and twin partners.

Our Goals

To create opportunities for Louisville citizens and citizens of Sister Cities to work together

in creating international community partnerships.


To develop municipal partnerships between Louisville and its Sister Cities.


To stimulate exchanges and projects in the areas of professional economic development,

education, community initiatives, arts and culture, medicine, tourism, and technology.


To promote public awareness of our Sister Cities through community outreach and

people-to-people relationships.


To collaborate with local international organizations with similar goals.

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 Sister Cities International

In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower launched the People-to-People idea. His intention was to involve individuals and organized groups at all levels of society in citizen diplomacy, with hope that personal relationships, fostered through city, county and state affiliations, would lessen the chance of future world conflicts. Recognizing the importance of involving all citizens in world diplomacy, he called upon the nation's cities as the centers of opportunity, expression and economic growth, to unite with communities around the world in building a solid structure of world peace. At the core of all sister cities relationships is an agreement, signed by the Mayors of each city, reflecting their mutual commitment to building bridges between governments, businesses and individuals. Today, through formal Sister Cities affiliations, 2,400 Sister Cities relationships are bringing citizens together.

 Our Sister Cities

  • Montpellier, France (1954)
  • Quito, Ecuador (1962)
  • Mainz, Germany (1977)
  • Tamale, Ghana (1979)
  • La Plata, Argentina (1994)
  • Perm, Russia (1994)
  • Jiujiang, PR China (2004)
  • Leeds, England (2006)
  • Adapazari, Turkey (2012)

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             Meet our Staff and Board Members:                               

  Executive Committee

  • Honorary Chairman: Mayor Greg Fischer
  • Executive Director: Joanne Lloyd-Triplett
  • President: Chuck Dobbins
  • Vice President: Sylvia Bruton
  • Immediate Past President: Dr. Wei-Bin Zeng
  • Secretary: Joseph John
  • Treasurer: Rick Knox
  • At Large Member: Roberta Hershberg

  Board of Directors

  • Membership & Outreach Chair: Sylvia Bruton & E. Maquel Marshall
  • Development Chair: Dell Courtney 
  • Public Relations Chair: Joseph John
  • TSAF Chair: Susan Herlin
  • La Plata: Mike Tracy & Claudia Peralta-Mudd
  • Mainz: Calli Weis & Justin Tirone
  • Montpellier: Marie Good & Wendy Yoder
  • Perm: Tom Dumstorf & Tim Allen
  • Quito: Magdalena Herdoiza-Estevez & Kevin Oppihle
  • Jiujiang: Acting Chair Dr. Wei-Bin Zeng
  • Tamale: Shedrick Jones
  • Leeds: Sara Wheeldon, Peggy Baas & Brenda Payne
  • Adapazari: Mehmet Saracoglu & Mirac Ozkir

* Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Sister Cities Offices.