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​City Information

Adapazari is the capital city of Sakarya province on Turkey's coast with the Black Sea. The city's history dates back to 378 BC. Ancient settlers included Lydians and Persians, but Adapazari got its historic identity from the Roman and Byzantine rulers, followed by the Ottoman Empire. It is not far from one of the world's major metropolitan cities, Istanbul, and the city has grown continuously due to its location since the 1950s.

Adapazari is conveniently located with a close proximity to Istanbul for industrial, agricultural, and touristic investments. Because the industry becomes particularly dense in the neighboring cities of Istanbul, Adapazari has an advantageous geographical location.

Sakarya University (SAU) in Adapazari is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Turkey with its academic units and technical infrastructure. SAU is the first and the only public university that holds both ISO-2002 and EFQM Quality and Excellence Certificates.

Adapazari has received migration from different regions of Balkans, Caucuses, the Central Asia and Turkmens. As a result, the province has become a complete and compassionate mosaic of different cultures. This unique circumstance has affected crafts, architecture, and lifestyle.