To learn more about how you can take part in and support this international partnership:
Please email us! Jiujiang Sister Cities Committee - [email protected]
Jiujiang Committee Chair: Wei-Bin Zeng

Sister City Relationship

Louisville formalized a Sister Cities relationship with Jiujiang, China during the Sister Cities Summit in September 2004. Jiujiang, China was chosen as a Sister City because over twenty years ago Jiangxi Province and Kentucky, USA, became Sister States (Provinces).
  • Since 2009 SCL has brought excellent students to local and regional universities as part of the Young Scholars Program. Students in the Young Scholars Program, chosen through a highly selective process in Jiujiang and Chengdu, receive an in-state tuition rate, a significant academic scholarship, for four years of education at local universities and colleges.
  • The Jiujiang Committee holds several gatherings around Chinese Festivals occurring throughout the year. The committee works with the Crane House to develop cultural programs of interest to Louisvillians.
  • In Fall 2018, Jiujiang Committee will host an Asian Documentary Film Festival at various sites around Louisville.

Existing Partnerships & Links

History & Culture

Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, is a cultural and historic city situated at the crossing of the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway. Jiujiang, which translates as “nine rivers”, received its name because nine bodies of water converge at this port city (Ganjiang, Po, Yu, Xiu, Gan, Xu, Shu, Nan, and Peng).

The city is known for its cultural landscape, which includes UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site Mount Lu and 273 scenic spots and cultural relics.

In its 2,000 year history, Jiujiang has served as a communication and transportation hub, including an important center in the tea trade. Jiujiang port is listed as one of the first class-national watercourse ports along the Yangtze River.

Jiujiang now has one city, nine counties, two districts and Mount Lushan Administration Bureau under its jurisdiction. In total the city covers an area of 18.8 thousand kilometers. Jiujiang is traditionally an agricultural region with major exports in cotton, rapeseed, silk, fruit and aquatic products. More recently it has made tremendous progress in chemical and high-tech industries consisting of textiles, petrochemistry, electric power, building materials, automobile and ship manufacturing, and metallurgy.

Fast Facts
  • Population: 4.7 million
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Mayor: Lin Binyang

National Holidays
  • Spring Festival (Chinese New Year (in 2018 - February 16th))
  • Lantern Festival (end of Chinese New Year celebrations (in 2018 – March 2nd))
  • Tomb-Sweeping Day (in 2018 – April 5th)
  • Labor Day (May 1st)
  • Dragon Boat Festival (in 2018 – June 18th)
  • Harvest Moon Festival (in 2018 – September 24th)
  • National Day (October 1st)

Highlights/Tourist Attractions

  • Natural Sites: Mount Lu, Poyang Lake, Mount Sanqing, Stone Bell Hill
  • Religious Sites: Mount Longhu, Donglin Temple, Nengren Temple, Yanshui Pavilion
  • Other Interesting Sites: Jingdezhen, Wuyan
  • Interested in visiting Jiujiang? These are helpful links:
    • How to get there: the China National Tourist Office, official government offices in NY and CA, has useful trip planning information. One of the best trip planning websites is C-Trip, where you can book airlines, rail and bus travel.
    • You will need a visa to visit China. We recommend using TravelDocs, an visa and passport processing agency.
    • Some blogs with good tips for traveling to China are Y Travel, and Welcome to China, which has an excellent collection of online travel tips and resources.
    • China has 53 properties inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List
    • Are you interested in learning more about Chinese culture, but not yet committed to traveling there? This China Culture is useful website.As is Travel China’s website or their webpage for Jiangxi Province

    To learn more about how you can take part in and support this international partnership:
    Please email us! Jiujiang Sister Cities Committee - [email protected]