I want to be involved!

What can I do and where do I sign up?

Thank you!
If you haven't yet, please sign up for our email list! We send out volunteer requests and opportunities often - as they come up on an as-needed basis.

If you want to volunteer on a more frequent basis, please email us at [email protected]

What do SCL volunteers do?

Our volunteers play a number of vital roles:
  • host exchange students
  • serve as interpreters
  • plan special events and programs
  • coordinate visits of foreign travelers
  • assist with communications materials
  • prepare information and activities for local festivals and fairs

I am interested in hosting exchange students. Can you tell me more?

Host families play an integral part of any exchange program. Sometimes our hosts house students or visitors for 1-2 week programs, while others act as a local guide to students that are living in a dorm at a local university or school.

All hosts are essential to the success of our programs. It doesn’t matter if you want to host a student for a week or serve as a local guide, everyone is welcome!

For more information on hosting requirements, please complete our online form. We can better tailor our response to your inquiry.
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